Mainland Sports Complex has one of the finest and most advanced artificial turf soccer fields in San Antonio, TX

Sunday Coed

Schedule & Standings



Red Cards

10/15/2023Victor ValenciaLos PanteraLevel 4$50 Fine + 4 games suspension
10/22/2023Red Card Guest PlayerFuryLevel 4$30 Team Fine to be able to play

Season Schedule

This Season we will have top 4 playing Semis and Finals.

PLAYED - 1Sunday, January 7, 2024"A"7:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS4-LOS PUDGIES5-6
PLAYED - 1Sunday, January 7, 2024"A"8:00 pm3-FURYVS4-LOS PUDGIES4-6
PLAYED - 1Sunday, January 7, 2024"B"8:00 pm2-INTER SAVS5-JUST THE TOUCH0-6
PLAYED - 2Sunday, January 14, 2024NOGAMEBAD WEATHER
PLAYED - 2Sunday, January 21, 2024NOGAMEBAD WEATHER
PLAYED - 2Sunday, January 28, 2024"A"7:00 pm3-FURYVS5-JUST THE TOUCH1-8
PLAYED - 2Sunday, January 28, 2024"B"7:00 pm2-INTER SAVS4-LOS PUDGIES4-3
PLAYED - 2Sunday, January 28, 2024"A"8:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS5-JUST THE TOUCH7-6
PLAYED - 3Sunday, February 4, 2024"A"7:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS2-INTER SA5-6
PLAYED - 3Sunday, February 4, 2024"B"7:00 pm4-LOS PUDGIESVS5-JUST THE TOUCH
PLAYED - 3Sunday, February 4, 2024"A"8:00 pm2-INTER SAVS3-FURY12-4
PLAYED - 4Sunday, February 11, 2024NOGAMES SUPERBOWL
PLAYED - 4Sunday, February 18, 2024"A"7:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS3-FURY7-5
PLAYED - 4Sunday, February 18, 2024"B"7:00 pm2-INTER SAVS5-JUST THE TOUCH0-8
PLAYED - 4Sunday, February 18, 2024"A"8:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS4-LOS PUDGIES14-6
PLAYED - 5Sunday, February 25, 2024"A"7:00 pm3-FURYVS4-LOS PUDGIES0-8
PLAYED - 5Sunday, February 25, 2024"B"7:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS2-INTER SA4-6
PLAYED - 5Sunday, February 25, 2024"A"8:00 pm3-FURYVS5-JUST THE TOUCH0-8
PLAYED - 6Sunday, March 3, 2024"A"7:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS5-JUST THE TOUCH7-3
PLAYED - 6Sunday, March 3, 2024"B"7:00 pm2-INTER SAVS3-FURY10-5
PLAYED - 6Sunday, March 3, 2024"A"8:00 pm4-LOS PUDGIESVS5-JUST THE TOUCH3-6
PLAYED -7/8Sunday, March 10, 2024"A"7:00 pm2-INTER SAVS4-LOS PUDGIES0-7
PLAYED -7/8Sunday, March 10, 2024"A"8:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS3-FURY11-3
PLAYED -7/8Sunday, March 10, 2024"B"8:00 pm4-LOS PUDGIESVS5-JUST THE TOUCH8-0
A-SEMISSunday, March 17, 2024"A"7:00 pm5-JUST THE TOUCHVS2-INTER SA
A-SEMISSunday, March 17, 2024"B"7:00 pm1-PURPLE HAZEVS4-LOS PUDGIES
B-FINALSSunday, March 17, 2024"A"8:30 pmVS


5-JUST THE TOUCH853045261915
1-PURPLE HAZE853060411915
4-LOS PUDGIES853047331415
2-INTER SA85303842-415
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